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The Dual Alliance (Germany and Austria) 1879

To get protection against a possible Russian attack, Germany agreed with Austria that each would help the other if either of them was attacked. This agreement, made in 1879 was called the Dual Alliance.
The Triple Alliance (Germany, Italy and Austria) 1882

Three years later, Italy joined the Dual Alliance making the Triple Alliance. This friendship worried France and Russia. Both feared the possibility of a common attack by Germany, Italy and Austria.

The Franco Russian Alliance, 1892

France and Russia agreed in 1892 to help each other if either of them was attacked. The main objective was to prevent a joint attack form Germany, Russia and Italy.

The Entente Cordiale (Great Britain and France) 1904

The mistrust from Britain to Germany had a colonial origin. Britain had fought against the Boers (rebel settlers from Dutch origin who wanted to be independent) in South Africa. During the Boer War, Germany showed simpathy for the Boers, so Britain began to mistrust the Germans. In 1904 France and Britain signed an Entente Cordiale (Friendly Understanding).

The Triple Entente (Russia, Great Britain and France) 1907

Britain made an alliance with Russia, who was already allied with France. This agreement is known as the Triple Entente.

From 1907 Europe was divided into two groups: The Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy) and the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia).